Банк Приднестровья

Pridnestrovian Republican Bank

Основные направления единой государственной денежно-кредитной политики на 2022 год

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Bulletin PMR
Вестник ПРБ

Official exchange rate
c  28.06.2022
 Flag   Currency    Course     
USD 16.1000
EUR 16.9114
RUB 0.2976
UAH 0.5503
MDL 0.8101


Precious metals
c  28.06.2022
     Metals           Prices     
(XAU) Gold905.7465
(XAG) Silver10.4178
(XPT) Platinum451.9138
(XPD) Palladium925.4635


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Russia in the history of Pridnestrovie

Series of coins "Russia in the history of  Pridnestrovie"

"230 Years of the Yassy Peace"

Denomination: 3 rubles
Metal: Nickel plated steel
Diameter: 24.0mm
Weight: 5,6 g
Edge: smooth
Circulation: 5 000 pieces

The obverse: in the center - the image of the State Emblem of the Pridnestrovin Moldavian Republic; around the circle - the inscriptions: at the top - «ПРИДНЕСТРОВСКИЙ РЕСПУБЛИКАНСКИЙ БАНК» (PRIDNESTROVIN REPUBLICAN BANK), at the bottom - the year of issue of the coin "2021"; in the lower part under the coat of arms - the denomination «3 РУБЛЯ» (3 RUBLES).

The reverse: in the center - the image of a two-headed eagle against the background of the map, under it is a stylized scroll with the monogram of Catherine II and the inscription “1791”; behind the scroll - tools and anchors; at the top - the inscription: «230 ЛЕТ ЯССКОМУ МИРУ» (230 YEARS OLD TO THE JASS PEACE).